What Would You Write if It Wasn’t About the Money?

Words from Spirit for the writer in us all.

No sooner had I entered the meditation space than they were there.  Long-haired, full-skirted, with eyes and voices like butterflies on spring flowers—beauty winged and lit.

They came to me, surrounded me, and said, “Sister, those of us with a song to sing need to sing it. Now is the time and there is no waiting.” 

And I asked, “What about the money?” (For money has always been a point of some confusion.)  And they laughed, and their voices rang out.

“Now is the time to speak,” they told me, “And if you need money to support the journey, then money will come your way.  But if you are lucky enough to be okay, then money isn’t in it and the way will become clearer if you step away from worrying about it.”

And they asked me, and I asked myself, “What would you do if money wasn’t in it?  What would you do if it wasn’t about a business plan but just a spirit plan?”

And the answer is I would walk like the old itinerant preachers, and I would talk.  I would talk to the mothers and the fathers, but most of all I would talk to the children.  And I would say, this is important, you need to hear this.  I would call to them to come surround my light, and from my light I would light them until we were as a thousand thousand candles, none of us worrying how to eat or where to live but all of us dancing the great dance of joy.

I would walk my days inspired and on fire and I would trail behind me the empty space where I used to own things.  I would be entirely free to be the light I am, if money wasn’t in it.

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2 responses to “What Would You Write if It Wasn’t About the Money?

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